Binghamton's Premier Downtown Fitness Center • 33.5 Court St. Binghamton, NY 13901 • (607) 743-0359 •
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  • Our banner moment…

    Our banner moment…

    GasLamp Guy here, reminding you that behind every brutish hulk is a mild-mannered…banner! And behind this fine vinyl banner created by Hackerthreads, and the mysterious object in my hand, is the finest fitness establishment this side of the Southern Tier! Find out about it all tonite from 4:30 to 5:30 at open house to GasLamp Gym, Binghamton’s premier downtown fitness center!

    (Banner Pic cred: Brittany D’Angelo of Barbells of Binghamton)
    (Hulk Pic cred: Paul Ulrich of The Shaman’s Den Body Arts)